Chamber of Accountant Services

Our Events

The CAS provides for a number of opportunities and meetings marked by professional and relaxed get-together of its members. We believe that important information and novelties circle around even when the discussion moves away from offices and conference halls.

The following events of our organisation are more visible and foremost traditional:

  • Congress of providers of accounting services offers the opportunity for training and education in a wide range of relevant expert topics presented each year by renowned Slovenian lecturers. It enables direct communication between participants and influential and experienced experts in the accounting and related activities.
  • The Best Accounting Service Provider award was given for the first time in 2008. Its aim is to raise the public awareness on the importance of quality accounting service. The winner is selected by an independent expert panel.
  • The annual general meeting of the CAS is also an annual event taking place in the autumn. It is an opportunity to inform the members on the current activities and projects of the CAS and a chance for the members to actively participate with their views and proposals for the work of the CAS.