Chamber of Accountant Services

CAS in Brief

Accounting services are an extremely important part of the economy, and small and medium-sized enterprises in particular. Accounting service providers have detected the need for cooperation at the very early stage of their development and began to implement it in 1996 with a request for an independent association within the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia. The Section of Accounting, Bookkeeping, Audit and Tax Consulting Companies (SABAT) was established on 31 December 1996. In 1998, the Section transformed to the independent Association of Accountant Services which was renamed to the Chamber of Accountant Services (CAS) on 1 January 2009.

Today, the Chamber of Accounting Services brings together 500 companies and sole proprietors rendering accounting, bookkeeping, audit and tax consulting services. The Chamber provides for reputation of accounting and represents and protects the interests of its members in the professional and business field.