Did You Know That ...

... Company management is responsible for formal and substantive correctness of annual financial statements regardless of whether accounting services were outsourced? The managers should bear that in mind when selecting an accounting service provider.

... An accounting company can be established by anyone with no knowledge exam and no conditions ensuring at least minimum safety to clients? The CAS provides for better quality of accounting services and wants the government to prescribe the minimum standards for the activity. Many users of accounting services support us in that goal.

... Bookkeeping documents, including business books, are owned by the company – client – and not the accounting service provider that prepared them? The accounting service provider cannot, regardless of the circumstances, keep the client’s business books against their will.

... The user in most cases learns of an accounting service provider from friends and acquaintances? The Catalogue of accounting service providers publishes those accountants which comply with special conditions for entry (employ an expert manager, have concluded professional liability insurance and meet other prescribed conditions).