Tasks of the CAS

The Chamber of Accounting Services performs the following tasks to meet its objective – improve the quality of accounting services:

Representing the interests of its members

  • Giving proposals and comments in drafting of the relevant legislation
  • Proposing measures for development of the profession and vocational and professional training
  • Providing business information and advice regarding the area of operation
  • Cooperating with similar institutions and professional associations in accountancy and tax consulting in Slovenia and abroad

Providing training and organising meetings of employees of accounting service providers thus offering exchange of opinions and experience

  • Congress of accounting service providers
  • Annual general meeting of the CAS
  • Trip for CAS members 

Building recognition, providing for better quality of business of its members and promoting accounting services, the CAS and its members

  • Catalogue of accounting service providers and Register of members of the CAS
  • Selection of the Best Accounting Service Provider
  • Informing the public on activities of the CAS and its members (media conferences and articles in the media)
  • Analysis of satisfaction of users of accounting services

Offering business support

  • Code of the CAS
  • Typified contract
  • Protocol for handover of bookkeeping documents
  • Jobs systematization in accounting services
  • Professional liability insurance
  • Providing information on new legislation
  • Calendar reminders for submitting tax statements and reports
  • Professional consultations and training

The CAS performs the tasks set out in the annual action plans.