How to select a high-quality accounting service provider?

The selection of a high-quality accounting service provider is very important. A carefully selected accounting service provider will provide security, as it provides comprehensive support and advises companies. It ensures the confidentiality of data and adjusts to the needs of clients. Expert assistance in the area of accountancy is a good foundation for successful business operation.

What questions should you ask the accounting service provider before you decide to use its services?
At the Chamber of Accounting Services (CAS), we have prepared a list of questions which can be helpful in selecting a high-quality accounting service provider. For each question, we added an explanation of why it is important to ask this question.

If you have not yet selected your accounting service provider, our databases of accounting companies may be of some help:
- Register of members of the Chamber of Accounting Services and
- Catalogue of accounting service providers.
The catalogue includes those accounting service providers which employ an expert manager whose expertise has been certified and who has acquired the title of ‘expert manager of an accounting service provider’ or ‘certified accountant’, whose employees have been fully trained and who have professional liability insurance.


The text of the brochure is published here.

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